Half Moon Wholefoods

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Whole foods in Brampton

Half Moon Wholefoods are a specialist food shop in the centre of Brampton. They stock a wide range health foods as well as groceries for those who follow special diets or are looking for those specialist ingredients. They also make delectable chocolate truffles with their brand Truffles of Brampton.

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Diets, intolerances & health kicks...

Find groceries to meet any dietary need

Half Moon provide staple ingredients used for cooking and baking, as well as specialist ingredients that are not readily available in your typical grocery store! They also stock local produce such as honey, cheese, flour and teas made or produced by local businesses.

Half Moon also stocks vitamins & natural supplements, as well as environmentally-friendly toiletries, which are refillable from their dispensaries, along with other refillable household products.

A delectable treat

Handmade truffles

Made in-house by the Half Moon team, Truffles of Brampton make luxurious chocolate truffles in a variety of flavours including Champagne, Coffee, Ginger and Whisky. A perfect gift to take back home, or to enjoy yourself!

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