Brampton Moot Hall

Moot Hall

Brampton’s Moot Hall stands proudly in the town centre and is the location of the town’s Market Place. The hall contains the Tourist Information Centre and is the perfect place to discover local events and hidden gems of Brampton.

A historical building

Standing over the market place since 1648

Brampton’s Moot Hall was built for the Earl of Carlisle in 1817, but it has been a feature of the Market Place since at least 1648 when Oliver Cromwell used it to house prisoners. In 1896, the building was given to the Parish Council, who now hold their meetings in the Council Chamber on the first floor. The Tourist Information Centre can be found on the ground floor and there is still a regular market held in front of the hall on Wednesdays, as well as the farmers market every month.

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Gelt Woods

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A cultural building

The poet of Moot Hall

Brampton’s Moot Hall features a bronze plaque on the south-west wall in memory of local poet Peter Burn. Burn died in 1902 and remembered last seeing the iron stocks that originally stood next to the hall in use in 1836. One of his notable works is the poem Kindness.


At Moot Hall you can

Plan days out

Moot Hall is the home of Brampton's Visitor Information Centre where you can chat to friendly volunteers and discover a range of things to do and see from local events to the town's hidden gems.

Discover Brampton's history

Moot Hall is a listed building holding a depth of rich history. There is plenty to learn about the hall, its heritage and the significance it holds to the town of Brampton.

Shop local

King Henry granted Brampton a Market Charter in 1252, and markets are still held in front of Moot Hall every Wednesday. Enjoy strolling around the stalls, sampling the amazing local goods Brampton has to offer.

Experience a traditional Farmers' Market

As well as the weekly markets, Brampton hosts a Farmers' Market every month. A schedule of the markets can be found in the Visitor Information Centre on the ground floor of Moot Hall.