Beautiful woods swimming in history

Gelt Woods

Gelt Woods are located two miles south of Brampton, offering a peaceful and relaxing walk through stunning local wildlife. The wood sits on the bank of the River Gelt and is a nature reserve, home to a large variety of animals and birds.


An area rich with wildlife

Gelt Woods is a RSPB nature reserve and you can find many species of birds living in the wood, making it very popular with bird-watchers. Red squirrels, and many other animals, also make their home in Gelt Woods. There are several paths for visitors to experience the natural beauty of the woods and the rushing water of the River Gelt.

Brampton Moot Hall

Brampton’s Moot Hall stands proudly in
the town centre

Hadrian's Wall

A wall rich with history

Talkin Tarn

Featuring a 65 acre kettle-hole lake and
120 acres of woodland

Lanercost Priory

Lanercost Priory was founded in 1169

Historic Churches

Discover the beauty of these historical

History of Gelt Woods

Discover the history of the woods

Gelt Woods also features a remarkable quarry, which was chiselled out by Romans about 1800 years ago. The stone was used to build and repair parts of the famous Hadrian’s Wall and you can even see chisel marks forming a herringbone pattern along the cliff face. The quarry is a true hidden gem and something that many visitors to the area sadly miss out on.


What to see and do at
Gelt Woods

Witness extraordinary wildlife

Gelt Woods is a haven for wildlife, home to a variety of different animals and birds. Bird watching can be enjoyed all year round, and red squirrels have been spotted amongst the trees.

Discover remarkable history

Within the woods, you will find a quarry, where Romans obtained much of the stone used to build and repair the famous Hadrian's Wall.