Talkin Tarn

Get lost in nature as you explore beautiful wildlife.

Explore a beautiful lake and stunning local wildlife

Talkin Tarn is a 65 acre kettle-hole lake situated two miles south of Brampton.

120 acres of woodland surround the tarn, with a 1.3 mile fully-accessible path for visitors to enjoy a peaceful stroll.

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Discover the history of Talkin Tarn

Originally formed 18,000 years ago, the tarn was the result of moving ice scouring the ground, creating glacial sand hills and a natural bowl. As the ice melted, the bowl filled, becoming the lake we know today.

People have been visiting Talkin Tarn for hundreds of years, evidenced by the old buckles, stone axes and urns that have been discovered within the water.

Delicious food and amazing activities

Plan your own adventure at Talkin Tarn

There are a variety of activities to take part in at Talkin Tarn. The 1.3 path around the lake is fully-accessible so everyone can enjoy a wildlife trail, and Talkin Adventures provides a range of exciting outdoor activities from raft-building to archery.

You can also sample delicious meals in the Boathouse Tearoom while you enjoy stunning views of the tarn.

Fully-Accessible Path
Tasty Food
Exciting Outdoor Activities

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